Santa's Helper


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It's Christmas Eve and Santa was so tired from getting ready for his big night that he decided to take a nap before heading out. But he's overslept. Now Santa is late and he needs your help!

There's no time to stop at each house. You will have to drop bags of toys from the sleigh as it flies over the houses. Make sure that these magic toy bags go down the chimney and the toys will find their way under the Christmas Tree. Santa might get hungry along the way so collect as many cookies as you can.

Oh, and be careful out there! The skies are dangerous these days. Watch out for low flying aircraft and high radio towers.

Try to drop as many toy bags as possible into the chimneys. Avoid crashing into obstacles such as towers, helecopters and trees. Collect cookies for bonus points and lives. Get a free life after collecting 50 cookies.

Use the keyboard up and down arrows to move the sleigh. Use the space bar to drop a bag. Press P, Q or Escape to pause the game.

When mouse controls are enabled you can move the mouse to move the sleigh. Click the mouse to drop a bag.

When touch controls are enabled you can touch on the left side to move the sleigh. Tap on the right side to drop a bag.

Santa's Helper


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Game Over

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You've made it all the way around the world!
Thank you for helping Santa deliver toys to all the good little boys and girls!

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Drop toy bags into the chimneys.
Collect cookies for bonus points.

Move up
Move down
Drop bag
Move up
Move down
Drop bag

Game Paused
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Level X completed!

You delivered toys to X of Y houses.

Delivery bonus: points
Cookie bonus: X x 10 = X points