Waterfall Poker

Waterfall Poker is a single-player solitaire game where you make poker hands to get points. Try to get as many points as possible before all of the cards run out. (more...)

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How to Play Waterfall Poker

  • Match cards in the bottom row to a poker hand by strategically discarding cards.
  • After discarding or playing a hand, the cards above fall down into the empty places.
  • You may only play a hand if you have a valid poker hand.
  • You may discard cards in the bottom row by clicking on them.
  • Discards are placed on the bottom of the deck to be played again.
  • When a card is removed another card from the deck is added to the column with the fewest number of cards.
  • The game ends when you can't play a hand and have no more discards left.
  • One pair: 2 points
  • Two pair: 5 points
  • Three of a kind: 10 points
  • Straight: 15 points
  • Flush: 20 points
  • Full house: 25 points
  • Four of a kind: 50 points
  • Straight flush: 75 points
  • Royal flush: 100 points
  • Clear all cards: 100 bonus points
  • Try to use all of your discards to move cards into place for your next hand.
Keyboard shortcuts:
  • Enter - Play hand
  • 1 to 5 - Discard card 1 to 5 (left to right)