Atom Blaster

Atom Blaster is a fast paced, shoot-em-up style arcade game. Shoot atoms as they emerge from the wormhole at the center of the screen and try to collect power-ups for special abilities. (more...)

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More about Atom Blaster

Atom Blaster works in any modern web browser that supports HTML5 (Chrome, Firefox, IE10+, Safari). It is very graphics intensive so may not perform well on mobile devices.

Play using the keyboard or mouse. Use the arrow keys to move your station clockwise or counterclockwise around the wormhole in the center of the screen. Press space to shoot atoms and molecules as they emerge from the wormhole.

If your station hits an atom it will be destroyed. If an atom makes it to the edge of the containment area it will stay there until the end of the level, blocking your way. Collect power-ups that give you special abilities such as slowing down the atoms for a period of time, or making you invincible, or giving you another station. You can have multiple stations in play for more firepower. A special "quantum" power-up gives you a station on the opposite side of the containment area from your station so you can fire from both directions.

To change game settings or view help click the settings icon in the top-left corner of the page. You will also find help for all of the keyboard inputs.

Atom Blaster is an HTML5 game written using TypeScript.