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Cloud Graph is an online graphing calculator for drawing function, polar and parametric graphs.

Entering Expressions

Expresions are entered using standard calculator algebraic notation.

  • Available operators: +, -, *, /, ^
  • Available constants: pi, e
  • Available functions: sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, pow, sqrt, log, log10, exp, abs, rnd, ceil, floor, random
  • Implicit multiplication supported: e.g. 2pi => 2 * pi

Defining Graphs

Enter the expression for the graph using the appropriate free variable. Click the keypad button next to the field to show a keypad with all available built-in functions.

  • Function: define as y(x)
  • Polar: define as r(t)
  • Parametric: define using x(t) and y(t)

You can change the color and width of the line used to draw the graph. You may also specify a range for the graph.

  • From: The start value of the free variable (x or t)
  • To: The end value of the free variable (x or t)
  • Step: Amount to add when computing each point

If the range is not specified for a function graph it is unbound and draws over the entire graphing area. If not specified for polar or parametric graphs it uses the default range for t of: [-pi to pi] with a step of pi/64.

Note: You can enter mathematical expressions in the range fields. (E.g. pi/2)

Navigating Graphs

Use the buttons on the navigation bars next to the graph to pan the graph view.

  • Pan left/right/up/down - Pans the view the amount of one grid line in the specified direction
  • Page left/right/up/down - Pans the view the amount of one page width/height in the specified direction

The zoom out button zooms out 2x from the center of the graph. The zoom in button depends on the context.

  • If an area of the graph is selected it zooms in on that area
  • If a point is selected it zooms in 2x on that point
  • Otherwise it zooms in 2x on the center of the graph
  • You may also double-click to quickly zoom in 2x on a point

Use the previous and next buttons to go back and forth between views, like a web browser.

To define a custom grid click the Grid button and set the range. Note: You can enter mathematical expressions in these fields. (E.g. pi/2)

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