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  • Shoot atoms as they emerge from the wormhole at the center of the containment ring.
  • Atoms can have one to four protons. Shooting an atom will knock out one proton.
  • An atom will be destroyed once all of its protons have been removed.
  • Sometimes molecules made of two atoms bonded together will emerge. Shoot it to break the atoms apart. Every 5th level is only molecules.
  • If you run into an atom it will destroy your station.
  • Collect powerup rings to get more firepower and special abilities.

Keyboard Input

  • Right Arrow or D: move clockwise
  • Left Arrow or A: move counterclockwise
  • Space: fire photon
  • P or Escape: Pause game
  • Q or Home: Show options (to quit game)

Mouse Input

  • To use the mouse turn it on in the settings tab
  • Station follows mouse in play area
  • Click mouse button to fire photon


  • Freeze (blue): slows atoms down for a few seconds
  • Speed (red): speeds player up for a few seconds
  • Ring (white): adds a ring to station, up to three
  • Quantum (cyan): quantum rings
  • Invincible (black): makes station invincibile for a few seconds
  • Bomb (magenta): causes an explosion that kills all atoms

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