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Math Console Help

Math Console is a calculator that allows you to compute mathematical expressions by simply typing them in. Therefore it is particularly suited to devices with keyboards. It keeps a history of your transactions which you can quickly choose from. You may also define your own variables and functions.

Entering Expressions

Enter expressions in the text box or use one of the keypads to help you. Press the Enter key or click the equals [=] button to evaluate it.


  • The [=] button evaluates the expression.
  • The [CLR] button clears the expression.
  • The [Num] button toggles the number pad.
  • The [Fn] button toggles the list of all built in mathematical functions.
  • The [User] button toggles the list of user defined functions and variables.

Transaction History

The transaction history displays all of the expressions that you evaluated and the results. You can copy a line in the history by simply clicking on it or scroll through the list using the up and down arrow keys.

User Defined Functions and Variables

You can define your own functions and variables using the assignment operator (=). For variables use the format: name = [expression]. For functions define the name followed by a list of parameters then the body of the function. Ex: add(a, b) = a + b.

To see the list of all user items click the [User] button. To remove a user item click the "x" next to it or use the delete function. Ex: delete(item_name).

Math Console

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