.Tail (dot-tail) is a tail application for Windows written in .Net. It is used to display the contents of log files and updates as they change. (more...)

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More about .Tail

.Tail is a simple and easy to use tail application. Here is a list of features.

  • Tabbed interface so you can view multiple logs at the same time.
  • Recent file list let's you quickly open log files you've viewed before.
  • Implements search feature to find text in a file.
  • Pause option to stop the view from updating when a file changes
  • Auto Scroll option keeps the view at the end of the file when it changes
  • Customize font, text color, and background color.
  • Define highliters to highlite matching text or an entire line based on some text or regular expression.

Known issues: Highliters don't work correctly on files that have very long lines of text